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Caramel pudding


  • Milk: 1/2 litter (Raw milk)
  • Sugar: 200gm
  • Egg: 4
  • Cashew: 10 no.s
  • Vanilla essence: 4 drops
  • Water: as needed


Preparing Caramel:

In a pan add 4 to 5 table spoon of sugar and 2 table spoon of water. allow the mixture to heat in a medium flame. once the mixture get brow color pour it into a bowl( in which you are going to make the pudding). Spread the caramel syrup into all side of the bowl (Use a steel bowl, we need to steam the mixture in this bowl).

Preparing Mixture:

Beat the 4 eggs well using a beater. Then add 1/2 litter of milk into it slowly. Beat the mixture well. You can use a mixer for it. In mixer add 4 eggs and mix it well. Then add milk and mix it well. After this ( in a mixture or beater) add the sugar and mix it well. Once become a smooth mixture add 4 drops of vanilla essence into it and mix it well.

Pour this mixture into a bowl in which you prepared the caramel.

Steam this mixture in a cooker or vessel.


In a cooker or a vessel, take half of water. Above this put a plate and place the bowl of mixture above it. cover the cooker. After 10 to 15 minutes off the flame. wait for the next 5 minutes for cooling the mixture.

Take the mixture from the steamer. In a plate place the pudding into it in such a way that bottom side up( slowly). Add the cashews on top of pudding.  Then cool it in refrigerator. No need for freezing. After 1 hour you can take it from refrigerator.

Sweet Yummy easy caramel pudding ready…..

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