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Solutions Architect: Roles and Responsibilities

This role can encompass as wide or as narrow an area as is needed in order to address the present concerns. If there is a major shift in how personnel and business practices are done, it is likely that this was done under the advice of an enterprise architect. This is pretty much what you are going to find if you take a look at a typical solutions architect job description. According to studies done with regard to emerging projects by tech companies both good and small, an average of nearly 50% of projects tends to fail within a few months of inception. This means that about half of new enterprises end up being a waste of time and money.

Businesses generally have operating systems, information context, and integration facilities. The solutions architect makes sure that any new system is compatible with the existing business environment. They understand how each element of the business model interacts and can design a solution that best meets this mixture of processes, architecture, and operating systems.

A solutions architect is a person responsible for designing the specifications for enterprise software solutions and assisting the development team in their implementation and maintenance. Enterprise solution architecture is a set of integrated technologies and applications that help organizations resolve their business-specific issues and reach their objectives. Refers mainly to software architecture, technical engineering, and implementation practices. Thus, technical engineers work in close cooperation with development teams to make sure that they stick to the accepted development practices and communicate the enterprise strategy to developers. A solutions architect, on the other hand, focuses primarily on software architecture.

Solution architects must be able to assess the technical and business implications and the potential risk and impacts of their solutions. Selecting the right technologies for product development is a key component of architecture building. There are many ways to choose the best tools, platforms, APIs, and programming languages. Modern enterprises extensively employ state-of-the-art software to provide effective workflow and satisfy the needs of their target audience.

Solution architect’s skills

Cloud solutions We have extensive expertise in cloud computing projects for all business sectors. The architect is liable for overseeing an agency’s whole corporation ecosystem. Enterprise architect’s awareness on building and dealing with complicated solutions that remedy the agency’s crucial strategic troubles. The overarching intention of a corporation architect is to make certain that the agency has clean improvement lifecycles and makes use of the sources for each corporation utility correctly. To efficaciously layout, create, and lead the improvement of software solutions, answer the architect wishes to have a sure talent set.

The domain architect’s expertise lies in a particular tool, or domain, such as a specific CRM software or database technology. As the most in-depth of the architects, they are responsible for the technical structure of the respective systems and ensuring the proper implementation. A solution architect’s role depends heavily on trust and transparency, as well as a range of hard technical skills. This is why it is imperative any potential candidates have undergone an extensive screening process to assess their skills and backgrounds.

  • Freelance solution architects can choose the clients they work for and negotiate for better pay.
  • It includes the search for technical solutions for various tasks, a description of the structure and behavior of the software, the definition of functions and stages for each solution.
  • Further to this, they decide what products or services can solve the problem at hand, and they choose an appropriate technology stack .
  • By enlisting the help of IT experts from Eastern Europe you can get top-notch expertise at a reasonable price.
  • This means that about half of new enterprises end up being a waste of time and money.
  • Project managers watch over software development process — monitor tasks, ensure the team meets deadlines, and report to clients.

This means they must be able to recognise and understand corporate strategy and existing business processes and how they help the organisation achieve its goals. This requires deep analytical skills, and the ability to work seamlessly across different departments. For example, it they’re developing a customer-facing solution, then they’ll need to work closely with customer experience teams. A solutions architect usually acts as an intermediary between the technical and non-technical project stakeholders and finds means to meet all of their requirements during the application development process. Explaining technical details to the management team, informing the stakeholders about the development progress, costs, and timeline is also within the scope of a solutions architect’s job role.

Part of the work that an RPA solution architect does is to design an end-to-end RPA solution for different client queries. The software development tools were supposed to reduce the effort of the SAs and therefore reduce their need for the role, however, that increase in efficiency has been far outstripped by new demand. Usually, companies already have operating systems, an information context, and integration requirements. The solution architecture helps ensure that a new system will fit the existing enterprise environment. To perform this task, a solution architect has to understand how all parts of the business model work together including processes, operating systems, and application architectures. Understanding these aspects, they will be able to design a specific solution that fits the environment best.

What is a software or technical architect?

Altogether, these roles put technological solutions into practice ensuring that the application designs support the technological strategy defined by the enterprise architect. The solution architect is equipped with a deep technical knowledge in a specific CRM capability area, while maintaining a broader understanding of the full CRM technology stack. They lead the domain architects by maintaining a detailed understanding of the current -and future- state architecture. This makes them an asset when supporting conversations with key product owners to successfully facilitate design decisions, change management processes, and sequenced milestone planning.

Is also responsible for defining the standards and practices that must be followed throughout the project. This is done in close collaboration with technical development teams. They link IT and business teams to ensure that everyone is on the same page when developing and implementing technical solutions. The solution architect will decide whether it makes sense to rebuild your enterprise apps from scratch or introduce out-of-the-box solutions from other vendors.

How Our Solution Architects Can Help You

These experts have recently been popular as CI/CD gets increasingly integrated into the business. They create the CI/CD pipeline not only for the software to be deployed but also for supplying infrastructures . Based on this, we see that in IT architecture there are three corresponding job levels – Enterprise Architect , Solution Architect and Technical Architect . Describe the structure, characteristics, behavior, and other aspects of the software to project stakeholders. If you craft landing pages, make minor changes, integrate small modules, the chances are less you would need a solution architect.

Working in close cooperation with development crews, these guys are also charged with the support and maintenance of the solutions the creation of which they supervise. Such highly versatile individuals can be hard to find, with recruitment cycles ranging from 6 to 12 weeks, and starting-level SA salaries averaging at $78, 484 per year. Enterprise architects also need to be comfortable with communicating the value of new IT strategies to the executive leadership team and stakeholders. In fact, a lot of their time is spent on people and decision-making processes. Therefore, it is crucial for them to understand how all parts of the business work together. At this stage, the Solution Architect’s role is to oversee the progress of the project in accordance with the solution goals and enterprise resources.

Noblis names VP, chief solution architect – Virginia Business Magazine

Noblis names VP, chief solution architect.

Posted: Tue, 01 Nov 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Software or technical architect is mainly in charge of engineering problems and software architecture. We have a detailed article describing the role of a software architect and the importance of this position to the company’s success. A solution architect finds the required software https://globalcloudteam.com/ solution and works with a clear project vision and a clear understanding of the client’s business requirements. As the process is always heavy on the budget and highly risky, every company should have a solutions architect to implement new solutions and scale them successfully.

Predictive analytics in insurance: Role and use cases

In some companies, the roles of a ‘solutions architect’, ‘enterprise architect’, and ‘technical architect’ can overlap. Solution architecture is the underpinning for any IT project, regardless of whether you actually adopt this practice or not. By deliberately introducing solution architecture, you build the framework that aligns technology, resources, and skills with defined business goals. While a solution architect doesn’t directly get involved in project management, accounting for deadlines and given resources is inevitable. Solution architects must be able to make decisions about which solutions are advantageous and which are worthless in a given situation. They must be focused on business results and understand how to achieve them according to the given timeframes and resources.

solution architect roles

Yet, the solutions architect doesn’t substitute the Project Manager – rather, he assists the PM over the course of the development process. On average, a solution architect in the US earns $64 an hour which makes the annual total of over $133,000 – a pretty solid sum. What can you do if your company can’t afford to splurge such outrageous money on the services of a solution architect? If you fish for a solution architect in areas with a lower payment threshold, you can save prodigious sums.

Meeting the requirements of all stakeholders

However, a solution architect is not involved directly in project development. Still, they should ensure that the project resources are used effectively. Various programming languages, libraries, frameworks, architectural patterns, databases, and standards are there.

If he misses even a single detail, it may affect the app development process and result in breakdowns or inefficient software solutions. The candidate’s in-depth mastery of cloud computing and solution architect’s certification requires special mention. The predominant providers grant experts the possibility to officially confirm their top-notch expertise, e.g. by obtaining AWS solution architect certification, Azure solution architect certification, etc. Such proficiency recognition necessitates a practical mastery of cloud engineering tools, principles, and systems. In addition, examinees must know how to plan, design, and manage the infrastructure and provide for its security and scalability. It’s worth mentioning that these official confirmations expire, and thus, the exams must be retaken every few years or so.

solution architect roles

A solutions architect starts very early in the project, laying out what is to come. Their tasks usually begin from choosing the right technology for the business problem and managing architectural concerns to ensure more productive and effective outcomes. One of the biggest challenges facing tech companies these days is failing projects due to the inability to competently map out trends and innovations that would actually work. This is why we have seen surveys that indicate nearly half of new projects failing within a year. The solution to this is solution architecture, which inevitably involves an architect.

Difference Between Website And Web Application Web App

Large enterprises often have in-house solutions architects, who are full-time employees. However, this is simply not practical for most smaller companies, due to budgetary constraints and the fact that many projects are one-off. In other words, they don’t usually have a need to fill a full-time position. This is why outsourcing project management-related roles like solution architecture is an increasingly popular option. Working with freelancers often makes sense for larger enterprises too, as it provides a way to scale their projects without making costly long-term commitments. The project may be small enough that a single person may fill every role – including the role of solution architect.

Customer success storiesGet to know our approach to partnership and collaboration through our customer success stories. Solutions architects should not only anticipate bottlenecks but solution architect roles also know how to avoid them and fix the problems in case they do pop up. Data warehouse and ETL Turning your data into valuable insights fast with unique data warehouse solutions.

What is the best time for a company to hire a solution architect?

If you’re excited to be part of a winning team, Example Co. is a great place to grow your career. Defining which solutions are beneficial and which are inefficient for a particular business need. Solution architecture is one of the foundational elements of any project or organization. For example, here’s the tech stack we used while working on Blockbuster, a video streaming platform.

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