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Nammude ruchikal Taste With Us

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  • Row white rice( Pachari )-500 gm
  • Grated coconut-1/2 coconut
  • Salt – needed( 1 table spoon)
  • Water

Instructions to prepare putt flour:

Either you can use ready made putt flour or prepare the putt flour very easily as follows:

Soak the the rice in water for 1 hour, then clean it properly using water( 2 or 3 times). Wash out the rice, make it dry.

You can grind the rice from flour mill or you can prepare the flour using mixer from home itself.

In a mixer grind the rice, no need to make it too nice( medium sized grounded rice ),for 1 cup of rice 2 or 3 times mixing( krrrr…) is enough. After grind the flour, remove all water from flour by heat the same in low flame. In a pan add the flour and stir well for 6 to 7 minutes.

Preparation of Putt:

Take puttu flour in a bowl, add 3/4 table spoon of salt, mix it well.

Add little amount of water into the mixture and mix it well with your hands. Right consistency of flour is you can make any shape using the flour :).

Keep it aside for 10 minutes.

Take putt maker, in pot fill it with half of water and allow it to boil.


In putt kutty, add one thin layer of grander coconut, next add a thick layer of flour, again coconut, then flour so on. fill the putt kutty and join the puttu kutty in putt pot.


In a low flame 5 to 7 mnutes. once cooked you can see the steam above the putt kutty. This is the sign of well cooked. open the putt kutty and push the putt from the bottom(using a ladle) into a plate.

Putt is ready…..


You can serve with kadala curry ….



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